Have you been afraid of the ocean?

I do.
Well, the ocean of mine recently was obgyn department. That was an irrational fear, well, maybe I was too afraid of responsibility of saving 2 lifes at the same time, or maybe the lack of confidence of saving them. I wondered how I would save them while working in future. Sigh.

I saw by myself the labor. The fear suddenly disappeared. It was like magic! Believe that those who studies for saving others can have the skills. So, yeah, I helped some labor (Alhamdulillah! Yay!). It was such achievement, not only to have the skill but also to make a deal with that irrational fear. By the end of this rotation, I even liked cases, the working rhythm, and the ambience of this department. 

The moral value is face the fear. Maybe there is something beautiful there, over the rainbow.



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