Yogyakarta Journal: Must-to-Do in the Lovely City

Lava Tour

Join a tour to visit some places around Merapi Mt. You will be in love with the nature and understand better about last eruption. I recommend Jeep Lava Tour MGM Adventure for the tour (081229915857). It had excellent  service, more than expected. 

Visit Ullen Sentalu Museum
It's a must! This private museum provides you private guide that explains about Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Kesunanan Purwakarta. Visitors will see some original pictures of the families, recent remake paints, some letters sent by families for Gusti Nurul, and have a drink of traditional drink for keeping young. Personally, I am in love with the architecture.

The art made us think beyond what we saw. Every art has deep philosophy. Visit this place if you need trigger for changing perspective.



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